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Elkhorn Indians
Maybeury Rail Road Station Maybeury Bridge circa 1920's Maybeury Bridge circa 1930's Maybeury Bridge circa 1890's
Elkhorn Collery Story & Tipple Maybeury scene, 1941 Elkhorn Collery Scale House Angle Mine, Mill Creek Coal & Coke, 1940
Time freight over 'old' trestle, 1930 Company Store, 2005 Places, Maybeury, Pocahontas Fuel Company Store (backside) Company Store, 2005
Maybeury Company Store Places, Maybeury, Former home of Albert 'Kise' Martin,'48 Places, Maybeury, Norfolk & Southern Railroad Bridge DeLisle, Bobbie Jean & Roger Rose former home (Barlow Hollow)
Methodist Church, 2005 Places, Maybeury, Culvert to Pocahontas, VA Maybeury, Cloud burst, June 21, '43 Maybeury, Community Bldg. May '43 (colored left; white right)
Buddy, Betty, John Pope former home Former Dr. Peters home Methodist Church, 1998 Main dray of Maybeury, 1998
Former Cunningham home, 1998 pic Train wreck, June 30, '37 Train wreck, June 30, '37 Train wreck, June 30, '37
Train wreck, June 30, '37 Train wreck, June 30, '37 Train wreck, June 30, '37 Maybeury Scene before New Row
Maybeury Company Store Places, Maybeury, New row, circa 1939 Methodist Church Maybeury Grade School, Feb. 20, 1948
Former home of Juanita Summers (Zachwieja), '53      
Early Power House Hill Early picture Maybeury Company Store Early Maybeury, before New Row & Rt. 52 Early Maybeury with coke ovens
Coke ovens, before New Row & Rt. 52 Coke ovens, location present day Maybeury Early Power House Hill, looking toward Switchback  
EHS, late 30's Elkhorn High School Elkhorn High School, 1942 Elkhorn High School
EHS, 1991 EHS EHS, 1949 AEP Sub-Station
Time Freight 99, 1930 Delta tipple, Pocahontas Fuel Company, circa '40 Pocahontas Fuel Company Store, circa 1920's Pocahontas Fuel Company Store
Philip M. Rouse; Daisy Rouse Barger house, circa '43 N&W Steam Locamotive at AEP sub-station Remains AEP power grid AEP Substation
Early Switchback Early Switchback Early Switchback Early Switchback
Early Switchback Early Switchback Early Switchback Early Switchback
Former Footo home, 2005 Switchback Bottom, 2005 Tunnel under N&S tracks, 2005 Former location Rickman & Suski homes, 2005
PostOffice, 2005 Former Fred Rouse, Sr. house Former Jesse Hodge house, 2005 Former Caudill, Hodge, Rouse house, 2005
Switchback, former Holiway-Agnew lft,  Agnew-Clark rt.2005 Switchback, Former Miller now  Ruby Taylor (Kinzer)home Switchback, Bridge to Colored Bottom, 2005 Switchback, Footo Street, road to Company Store, 2005
Former Frederick Home, Delta Hill 2005 E.W.Richardson & teachers residence Principals office right; Library left, 2005 Principals office, 2005
Ms Koslow's room, 2005 EHS girls restroom, 2005 EHS Furnace room, 2005 Snack Bar location, Ennis, 2005
The Pocahontas, late 40's N&S Tracks from Switchback to Ennis EHS gymnasium, 2006 EHS gymnasium, 2006
EHS gymnasium, 2006 EHS gymnasium, 2006 EHS gymnasium, 2006 Old swimming pool location, see pic below
James Elwood Jones house James Elwood Jones house James Elwood Jones house EHS Swimming Pool 1925
EHS Chapel Assembly, 1925 Switchback, EHS Gymnasium, 1925 EHS Science room, 1925 EHS Manual training, 1925
EHS Faculty and Dental Clinic, 1925 Grade School circa '42 Post Office, Converted house Tunnel into Switchback (exit view)
Alley to Sells, Rouse/Barger property, 2011 EHS, collapsed gymnasium floor, 2011 EHS, rear view, 2011 EHS, steps to 2nd floor, 2011
EHS, tennis courts, 2011 Former Caldwell house, 2011 Former Caudill, Hodge, Rouse house, 2011 Former Nunn, GardnerGullion house, 2011
Former HoliwayAgnew house, 2011 Former Tom Clark house (EHS teacher), 2011 Former Kadensky house, 2011 Former location McMillenDeLozier house, 2011
Former Rouse; Snyder house, 2011 N&W Steam & Electric at Lick Branch N&W Steam Locamotive at Lick Branch AEP Statiion & N&W steam&electric engins, 1930
    Switchback 'store', Zion Canyon, UT Jack's Sports Grill, Zion, UT
Elkhorn Coal Camp Houses, Elkhorn, WV Elkhorn Railroad Station, 1933 Elkhorn panoramic view Elkhorn Tipple, 1936. Maybeury, WV
Portal Crozier Coal & Coke Co. circa 1930 Picking bone, circa 1930 Tram tracks at Crozier mine, circa 1930 Elkhorn postoffice, 1888
Reunion 1990, Visiting Post Office at Elkhorn Reunion 1990, Visiting the Town of Elkhorn Places, Elkhorn, Betty, Buster & Lois Hicks home Places, Elkhorn, Water tower (tank hill)
Places, Elkhorn, Current home of Bob & Tish StClair (Beasley), '47 Places, Elkhorn, Elkhorn Public Service Co. Places, Elkhorn, Postoffice, 2005 Places, Elkhorn, United Methodist Church sign
Places, Elkhorn, United Methodist Church Places, Elkhorn, Road to Greek Orthodox Church, Former Peters home (blue house) Places, Elkhorn, Crozier bottom, 2005 Places, Elkhorn, Elkhorn Grade School
Places, Elkhorn, Bread line, early '40's Places, Elkhorn, Bread line, early '40's Places, Elkhorn, Company store, rail house, rail station, circa '40's Places, Elkhorn, Elkhorn Train Station, circa '40's
Former home of John J. Lincoln Elkhorn 1987 Early Crozier scene Early Crozier Scene
Upland Company Store, 1935 Upland, date unknown Upland, aerial view, date unknown  
Houston & Upland Coal & Coke Co. Tipples Typical coke ovens & company houses Elkhorn 'Colored' Grade School (center) Note tram tracks with mine cars mid-mountain
Foreground, coke ovens; Upland tipple right Upland tipple    
Places, Upland, former home of Trechock family Places, Upland, Rt. 52, Main Street, 2005 Places, Upland, Laundromat; African-American Elkhorn High School, 2005 Elkhorn High School (Black)
Places, Upland, former home of Bill & Bob Stone      
Powhatan Arrow Wreck Powhatan Arrow Powhatan Tipple, 1930 Powhatan Coal & Coke Co., opened 1889
Places, Powhatan, former home of T.V., Wallace & Nancy Pennington Places, Powhatan, former Robinson home, now Ed McNeill, 2005 Powhatan, Bottom Creek, 1930 Kyle Skating Rink (remains), 2011
Powhatan Tavern      
    Other places  
Places, Other, Algoma Mine tipple Places, Other, Algoma Mine Places, Other, Algoma Tipple Places, Other, Ashland Coal & Coke Co.
Places, Other, Gilliam Coal Tipple Places, Other, Gilliam Tipple Places, Other, Keystone driftmouth Places, Other, Keystone Koppers Coal Co.
Places, Other, coke ovens, Keystone, WV Places, Other, Keystone Mine Places, Other, Keystone, WV 1896 Places, Other, Keystone, WV May 21, 1941
Places, Other, Crumpler, WV, United Pocahontas Fuel Company Places, Other, Kimball, WV May 21, 1941 Places, Other, Landgraff, WV Places, Other, Landgraff, WVa
Places, Other, Eckman, WV Places, Other, McDowell Tipple Places, Other, Northfork, WV May 21, 1941  Clark side Places, Other, Northfork, WV May 21, 1941
Northfork, Bridge to Freeman Theatre, 2005 Northfork, Business district, 2005 Northfork, Caroll Motors, Methodist Church, 2005 Downtown Northfork. WV 2005
Northfork, Former location of Freeman Theatre, 2005 Northfork, NHS alley view, 2005 Northfork, Northfork Gynasium, 2005 Northfork, Northfork High School, 2005
Northfork, United Methodist Church, 2005 Keystone, Elkhorn Creek bridge Keystone, Cinder Botton foreground, 2005 Welch, Sterling Drive Inn, 2005
Pinnacle Rock, 1991 Crane Creek Mine, Mercer Co., 1937 Pocahontas Company Store, 1884 Downtown Pocahontas, 1929
Northfork High School, Northfork, WV Freeman theatre, Northfork, WV High School, Church, Masonic Lodge, Northfork, WV New River from Hawks Nest
Pageton, WV Pageton, WV Koppers store Bramwell Post Office, 2011
Museum at Bramwell Museum at Bramwell Bramwell Wesleyan Church Downtown Bramwell
Piccacle Rock Premier Cut, 1937 Premier Cut near Welch McComas Theater
Piggly Wiggly (former), 2011 Northfork looking north, 2011 Northfork looking south, 2011 C.W. Elliott Co. 1907 (Coca-Cola Bottling Co.)
Downtown Bramwell, 2011 Ya'Sou Deli/Restaurant Saturday, 24 Aug. 1946, Welch, WV Skyway Drive-in-Theater
Welch, WV 2013 Powhatan Arrow, first run 5-29-50