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Switchback / Ennis
Bill Agnew, Nancy Slade Joan Barger (Monaco) 1948 Charles "Sonny" DeLozier circa 1951 Harry Barger, Spencer Sells, Ellis Hylton, Junior Pennington Jack H. Barger
Marie Footo (Boone), Class of 1950 Julian Holiway, Class of 1933 Leonard Hardin; Benny Gullion, Class of 1948 Jimmie Gullion, '52 Jack, Joan and Harry Barger, circa 1938
Wm O. (Bill) Slade, Class of 1953 Regina Janlin (Miller), Class of 1955 William Stuart, '49 Robert (Bob) Snyder, Class of 1952 Jack Barger, senior day 1952
Dorothy DeLozier (Reynolds), Class of 47 Geneva Suski (Kowaleski), Class of 1941 Charlie Kowaleski, Class of 1938 Edward 'Eddie' Kowaleski, '40 Barbara Fender (Robertson), Class of '49
James Buddy Caldwell; Harry A. Barger Daisy Rouse (Barger); Frances Rouse (Holiway),     Class of 1938 Rock Swimming Pool, circa 1950 ~ (L-R) Donald Hylton; Everette Hylton; Richard Johnson; Ray Maberry Christine Janlin, '50 Delora Price, '55
Joan Barger (Monaco), Class of '48 James 'Buddy' Caldwell, Class of '49 William J. 'Bill' Agnew, '52 Glenna Gay Brammer, Class of '48 Sarah Brammer, '55
Anna Marie Footo, '50 Josephine, '46 & Christine Janlin, '50 Joyce Hardin, '48 Christine Janlin, '50 Trudie Orander, Switchback teacher
W.W. Helms, Principal Switchback Grade School (1940''s) Benny Gullion, '48 Harry A. Barger, '48  Joan Barger 1948 Jack H. Barger, '52
Switchback Grade School. Circa '42 Switchback G.S. Patrol Leaders, '42 Switchback Grade School, 2nd grade, circa '42 Future EHS Class of '48, circa early '40s Switchback Grade School, Honor Roll, '41-42
Margie Nunn, Lyle Lawrence, Viola Jenkins, Erwin Harler Home Room Mothers, Switchback Grade School, 40's Switchback GS, 6th grade honor roll Switchback GS, probably 1st grade, '41-42 Holiway Family, Ennis, WV
 Martha Wright, '41 Roberta Wright, '41 Madeline Wright, '43 Joan Barger, '48 Harry A. Barger, '48
William Donally Rouse, '37 Betty Baine Benny Quesenberry, Senior Day, 1952 Joan & Jack Barger with dog Blackie Harry A. Barger, '48 (Rock Swimming Pool)
Bill Agnew, '52 Albenia & Alsvan Johnson, children Gertrude & Richard Charlie Kowaleski, '38 & Geneva Suski (Kowaleski), '41 Frances Quesenberry (Griz), '50 Trula Stophal, '48 (6th grade)
Jack H. Barger, '52 (1951 pic) Willioam J. Agnew, '52 Nancy Slade, '52 Bill Agnew & Nancy Slade, '52 Nancy Slade & Bill Agnew, '52
Bill Agnew, Nancy Slade, Barbara Ratcliff, '52 Bill Slade, '53 Nancy Mae Sue Slade, '52 Class of 1952, Girls on Senior Day Bill & Claude Agnew
Lick Branch Maybeury Adult Baseball Team, 1937 jack Barger, Everett Hylton, Margie Nunn, Doris Caldwell Henry 'Long Henry' McMillan & Adolphus Johnson Bernard 'Dankie'  Dale & Junior Pennington Charlie Kadenski
Freda Crigger, '52 lEverett Hylton, '54 Gibson home, 1935, Switchback Spencer 'Sonny' Sells, '51 Barbara Fender, '49
Charles DeLozier, Sr., Northfork (1923) Harry A. Barger, '48 Spencer Sells, '51 Ellis Hylton, '48 Junior Pennington
Agnes C. Footo, '34 Thomas Andrew Footo, '39 Mary Williams (Shaw), '41 Claude & Gladys Agnew with Billie, '52 Margaret Lambert, '53
Frances Rouse (Holiway), '38 Cecil King,'46, Charlie Kadenski, Fred Rouse, Jack,'52 & Harry Barger,'48 Barbara Fender, '49 Jackie Hodge, 2006 pic
Margaret Madeline Wright (Whitaker), '43 Allen Burton Dale Hubert Walter Clark, '40 Kathleen Spinella Charles, '50, Allan, Jeanette, Dot DeLozier, '47
Freddie Rouse, Jr. 2005