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Elkhorn High School
a brief history

For a number of years, the Elkhorn District High School
was co-joined with Northfork High School at Northfork
and was named Northfork-Elkhorn District High School.
Each district had a Superintendent,
R. M. Dodrill (Elkhorn) and W. P. Worley ( Northfork).
L. B. Graybeal was the principal of both districts.

In 1922, local citizens passed a bond issue for the
construction of a separate Elkhorn District
High School at Switchback. Although the building
program was launched in early spring, the school
was not finished in time for the opening of school
September 18, 1922. Students met in crowded quarters
at Elkhorn Grade School. After the
Christmas Holidays, January 8, 1923,
168 students enrolled in the new
Elkhorn District High School (EDHS).

At its opening, EDHS was well equipped in
all departments including the library, music
and home economics departments, manual training,
chemistry and in sports, baseball and football.
The following year, the campus was landscaped
by Elkhorn students from funds donated
by James Elwood Jones.

Under the direction of Principal L. B Graybeal,
the first EHS commencement was held
Friday, June 8, 1923.
Seven students were graduated,
five girls and two boys.

In 1924, EDHS saw the construction of
its gymnasium, tennis courts
and indoor swimming pool.
A teachers club and boarding house were also
on the grounds. It is believed that Elkhorn had
the first and maybe only such board-club
house for their teachers.

The first newspaper was called The Excelsior
Later newspapers were called the The Advocate
and The Indian. All were fine newspapers
put out by Elkhorn students.

The school year 1927-28 saw the employment of two very
popular teachers, Miss Elizabeth Jackson, music
instructor and Miss Gertrude Skaggs,
English instructor. Elkhorn also produced a Rhodes scholar, Guy Farmer, who graduated in 1930.  Mr. Edward W. Richardson
assumed his principal duties in 1933 after
having previously held the coaching position.
Mr. Richardson followed Principal G. M. Nolley.

In 1941-42, the swimming pool was closed
and the Manual Training Shop
was moved to that space.
This change enlarged the study hall and allowed
the library to be moved to the
 Manual Training Shop area.

Although Elkhorn High School was a small school,
its students won many honors in competitions,
often winning first place.

|At the end of the 1953 school year, Elkhorn High School
was closed and was co-joined with Northfork High School,
again becoming Northfork-Elkhorn High School.